Busy is Not a Reason, Take These 5 Minutes to Exercise Every Day

Are you busy until you don't have time to exercise at all? From now on, save your reasons for not exercising. Actually exercise can be done in a short time in between your busy life. At the age of 19-64 years the ideal exercise time is around 150 minutes per week or approximately 22 minutes every day. It's just that, not a few people can do that, with the reason they do not have free time. Various Types of Sports in a Short Time There are various benefits of exercise every day, namely increasing energy, making sleep more soundly, reducing weight, preventing various diseases, reducing weight and improving mood. Some types of exercise you can do in a short time, even only about five minutes, including: Overhead Stretch Start your day with a brief exercise in bed. The way is enough sleep on your back with legs straight, straighten your hands up while holding a pillow. After that, slowly pull your body up, pull your hands up, then slowly pull your body. Try to do t
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